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Driver education should start long before learning to drive starts.

Winston Churchill once said, "I like to learn, but I don't like to be taught."

A1 Road Skills have been presenting road safety education programmes to schools, colleges and corporate organisations for many years so our experience in this arena is vast. Previously, the directors have been giving road safety presentations to UK and overseas personnel for many years so are fully familiar with the ingredients that make a presentation work.

Working alongside other road safety professionals, we prepare fully interactive PowerPoint presentations for our school and college presentations that cover a range of subjects from buying your first car to basic mechanical skills, attitude and observations, safe and eco-friendly driving, driver responsibilities, fatigue, lone female drivers, child safety and carrying children in cars, cycling safety and so much more!

In fact, we tailor each presentation to exactly what our clients require. Our most recent "challenge" has been to prepare a child pedestrian safety and safe cycling programme for one of the largest employers in the Middle East. The company is now in the process of sponsoring this programme delivery to all junior schools in their region.

We believe that education is the key to road safety, especially for the younger less experienced people we care so much for.

You may be surprised to realise that we start to influence our children's future driving habits from the age of 3 onwards! They sit there in the back of our car watching us, and trusting us implicitly to demonstrate to them safe habits. After all, mummy and daddy don't tell me lies do they! Shocked? But it is a fact we often choose to ignore.

We believe that the sooner we start helping the young drivers of tomorrow to form safe attitudes towards road safety then the better for them, and for everyone they will one day share the roads with - and that's you and me.

To find out more information on how we can help you to develop a safer strategy towards road safety for children and young persons of all ages. Use the CONTACT US page or call us on 0800 881 8021.

Call to-day, by tomorrow it could be too late for some children.