Driving courses available

To cater for an ever-increasing marketplace, in addition to entry level training for learners, A1 Road Skills Ltd. also provide the following courses -

Theory based workshops - are arranged to a client's specific requirement and include areas of knowledge which include fleet awareness and safety, training for the 'grey fleet', defensive and eco-safe driving and training in speed awareness and safety for those drivers who may offend and become an 'expense' for an employer through accidental damage repair through to increased expense through increased insurance premiums. Our theory based training courses cover many of the specific practical courses listed below.

Pass Plus - Delivered and arranged through our training partners at Pass Plus Cymru, we provide comprehensive theory and practical training that exceeds DSA Pass Plus standards. Our Pass Plus course equips newly qualified drivers with all the skills necessary to drive the motorway network of the UK and busy town and city centres. No shopping trip - this is a valuable experience for their future safety!

BTEC Level 2 Award in Safe Driving (Car) - Not just a recognised qualification that sits nicely into any CV, this qualification prepares young or old, experienced or inexperienced with the necessary skills to face life on our ever changing road and traffic conditions. This award can be tied in to most of the courses we offer!

16+ - An off-road course designed for those budding young drivers who just can't wait to get a taste for life behind the wheel.

Refresher Courses - for those drivers who have been away from driving for some time, perhaps due to an illness

Confidence Booster Courses - for those who have become involved in a road incident that has knocked their confidence. Designed to be individual and to cater exactly for the needs of each driver.

UK Familiarisation - a driving course for those who have been living and driving abroad for some years and who want to get 'up to speed' with driving on increasingly bust UK roads again.

Motorway driving - for drivers who in the main are content with life on the rural backroads but who may now need to drive across the UK's motorway system to visit family or friends.

Institute of Advanced Motorists / RoSPA - advanced courses for those who take a pride in their driving and who want to move up a gear to advanced driving skills.

Fleet Cost Reduction courses - short courses designed individually to suit the customer that rectify costly minor incidents that drivers repeat or become involved in that have financial repercussions on the transport fleet running costs, e.g., reversing accidents etc. This course covers all classes of vehicles.

Defensive, Eco and Advanced Courses - designed around the needs of corporate clients these courses are tailor made to fit your requirements and will enhance your fleet operation by returning increased efficiency savings on your annual running costs.

Grey Fleet Training - aimed at Essential and Casual users along with drivers who have Allowance Cars or who claim Fuel Allowance, the course aims to improve driving standards and thereby reduce the amount of down time due to avoidable road collisions.

Occupational Road Risk Management - training designed for and intended for larger fleets of 6 or more vehicles where repair costs are seen to be rising and of concern to fleet managers. Designed to fit around what you need it is recommended that the first step should be an assessment of a drivers ability while driving their usual work vehicle followed by an agreed refresher training course dependant on needs. We can even look after your ORR management with our specially designed maintenance toolkits. As for information.

Recognising and Dealing with Driver Fatigue - a course for those who supervise and manage drivers and for drivers themselves enabling early recognition of the symptoms that can lead to catastrophic accidents.

Children in Transit - aimed at Nannies, Au Pairs, Child Minders and those who operate a Creche or those who employ such people. The course includes initial assessment drives that can help to shortlist applicants.

Young Driver Awareness course - designed to encourage newly qualified drivers to become more aware of their responsibilities as drivers and of the potential consequences of adopting bad driving habits. Not intended to be a 'frightener' but more of a wake up call to make novice and perhaps impressionable young drivers how poor driving may have an affect them for a long time - or even forever!

ADI training - want to become a driving instructor? The A1 Road Skills Approved Driving Instructor course is just right for you! Designed not to rush you along quicker than you feel comfortable with this course will guide you smoothly through the 3 phases of training and hopefully into the passenger seat of your very own School of Motoring car.

Chauffeur courses - for those who want a job driving chief executives, managing directors and other high profile people to meetings etc., in comfort, style and confidence. We can also provide theory training to remind drivers of their responsibility for the safety of their 'principle' and appropriate behaviour and dress codes for their role.

Protected Driver training - a course not for the feint hearted, this course takes the Chauffeur course to a new dimension. It's the training that all Royal household drivers get (and some of the Royal family!). Bodyguards attend these courses and attendance on the course will increase your observational and planning skills to a level you probably didn't think you were capable of. This course needs a minimum of 6 participants and isn't cheap - but then its purpose is to save lives!

High Performance training - thinking of buying something a bit tasty? A 911, or an M5 maybe - can you handle all that power? Have you ever taken your car onto a race track? Let us show you how to use the power of the car in a safe environment. Sitting alongside a qualified track instructor you'll be in safe hands - and your car will give you the level of pleasure you never knew existed. Our training also prepares you for admission to the more 'select' and specialist' car clubs.

Counter surveillance - work in a job where you may get followed? Industrial and Commercial Espionage isn't just the stuff of James Bond, it happens everywhere - all the time. It may just be that you work for a local authority or energy provider and your job places you in positions of potential conflict with the people you are investigating. Let us teach you how to avoid situations that could be potentially threatening to you and your family - or even let us show you how to follow your selected target and get the evidence you need!

LGV and PCV - Our specially qualified instructors can prepare you to drive these larger vehicles and get you to test standard. Alternatively, we can assess existing drivers within the workplace to satisfy an employer that their vehicles are in 'hands. Drivers hours and tachograph courses are also available upon request.

4x4; JCB Experience and Agricultural machinery - these courses are available either at your premises and using your own vehicles or at our preferred specially chosen site.

We can also offer any SME with a 'toolkit' to effectively manage and control their fleet be it corporate or 'grey' and can maintain the 'toolkit' at agreed levels to ensure compliance with all HSE requirements.

Additionally, we can offer the following specialist courses aimed primarily at law enforcement and similar organisations. These are the standards to which all UK police service drivers are taught, including Special Service drivers, Military Intelligence and Special Forces drivers and Royalty Household drivers.