Fleet Risk Management & Reduction

Is your company really prepared for the financial and legal impact of a collision on the road? Does your company have a director appointed as your 'Corporate Director' who would have to be answerable in any litigation?

We can cut your risk of exposure to incidents and at the same time help you save money with a road risk policy tailored to your business.

Protecting your business and your employees who drive whilst at work - including your Grey Fleet - is a key part to a company vehicle policy.

As part of our fleet management service we will introduce simple, but robust, processes and procedures to ensure your company, your drivers and your fleet remain safe and compliant. This includes all drivers who drive on company business, whether in a company vehicle, through an opt-out scheme or grey fleet. Our fleet management system provides a full audit trail should a serious incident occur.

To help customers with legislative compliance we are able to help in the following areas:




In addition we are able to provide focussed management information analysis, including strategic and tactical advice on control and improvement measures.

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