Taxi training

We are one of just a few driver training companies to be authorised to train taxi drivers up to the DVSA test standard.

Carrying fare paying passengers is a responsible job and clearly high levels of care are necessary if a taxi firm wants to retain its customers or to expand into the marketplace. Passengers need to be reassured that their taxi driver is careful on the road, minimises risks and that they drive to a professional standard at all times. After all, they do have a legal responsibility and if they fall short of that responsibility then they could easily lose their vocational entitlement.

The operator, or proprietor of the taxi firm also needs to be assured that all of their drivers are responsible and drive within the law at all times otherwise the operator could easily have their licence revoked by the issuing authority.

A licenced taxi driver could have their vocational licence suspended or revoked even if they commit a driving offence while 'off duty' and driving their own car. They must be seen as being 'fit and proper' persons.

The taxi itself can be inspected by police or licensing authority representatives at any time it is in use, whether it is carrying fare paying passengers or not to check that it is being used in a safe and clean condition. But what about the driver? Who inspects the driver's condition?

We know that certain taxi companies are boycotted by companies and often elderly people simply because the driver does not present themselves in a fit condition. All too many try to look as if they were re-cycled teenagers!

We can assist not only taxi drivers, but taxi operators and licensing authorities to make sure that both drivers and taxis are presentable and driven within the law thereby enhancing the reputation of all concerned.

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