About us

Founded in 2010, A1 Road Skills have quickly progressed from being a driver training company to become respected Driver Training Education Consultants and now boast several clients in various sectors of the fleet market. Our qualifications and experience span a 40 year period within the driver training industry and we draw on a comprehensive knowledge base of what training and advice our clients need.

To ease the burden on our clients, we are always prepared to recommend the content that a training course should include, taking pressure off our clients and allowing them to concentrate on their business.

A1 Road Skills are one of a few selected driver trainer organisations within the UK who are qualified by the government backed Energy Saving Trust to deliver their Eco-driving programme which is proven to save drivers money on both fuel and general running costs.

Our UK and international operations take us to companies and organisations around the UK and frequently as far as the Middle East where our clients include some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world.

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