High-end professional training for high-end professional drivers

Chauffeurs, close protection drivers, surveillance and counter surveillance training. Just a selection of the specialist driver training skills available from A1 Road Skills.

With over 20 years of experience as specialist driver trainers, we hold national police qualifications to train the very elite of high-end drivers, the type of drivers who do not want to attract attention to what they are doing or to the passengers they are carrying.

We can provide training in offensive and anti hi-jack driving skills and also help your company to reduce the risks that come with commercial espionage by providing you with practical advice and your drivers with the very best training to ensure that your movements are discreet and hard to detect.

Close Protection training is only taught to the 'elite' few who are able to demonstrate through previous levels of driver training that their skill and ability are exceptional. The initial course is of 3 weeks duration and includes all elements of evasive and offensive driving, reactive skills, venue risk assessment, anti hi-jack driving, and convoy driving skills. It is recommended that a recognised First Aid course runs alongside the training and elements of the use of firearms within a protected environment can also be added.

Surveillance and anti-surveillance skills both within a moving vehicle and on foot require a previously acquired intermediate level of driving skills. The training for this course focuses on covert following skills.

It is also an ideal course if you courier sensitive items or documents. This is the training provided to UK police forces, military intelligence and special services drivers.

A complete range of vocational driving courses are available from basic 'Roadcraft' training through Intermediate level to Advanced police level courses including the theory associated with this training. These courses conform to UK Home Office guidelines and vary in duration depending on the student to trainer ratio.

Our trainers are either fully qualified by the UK Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), the official body that controls the training of drivers, as Approved Driving Instructors and are further qualified with a Fleet Diploma to deliver training within the Corporate and Fleet markets and/or hold further specialist driving instructor qualifications and many are ex-police driving instructors holding some of the highest levels of qualifications available.

We can provide a full and comprehensive training programme for 'close protection' drivers - the people who drive the most high-risk VIP's. The training includes risk assessment, mobile conflict resolution, evasive anti hi-jack driving skills and offensive driving.

We can offer you one of the most comprehensive packages available. Call 0800 881 8021 to find out more.